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Ai Nagase in Love X


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Synopsis of Love X

"What a classy start to this movie! 2 sexy young girls, one of them is AV idol Ai Nagase, who are going to get laid by 2 studs in a riveting foursome, are introduced to us in a stretch limo before being brought to a giant Ferris wheel! They are 2 funny and really cute sexy chicks who are out to have some fun today. The fondling and kissing starts in the limo and continues high above the city's roofs, with cock sucking and finger fucking. Back home though, the real action starts and it is not long before both girls got what they wanted so bad all day: cocks in their pussies! It's fun to watch 4 people on a tiny bed, bodies sweating, titties jumping and finally facials pumping." -- courtesy of 99bb.com

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