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Scene from Shake starring Japanese AV idol Maria Hirai


99BB is a video download site that offers top-notch quality, exclusive Japanese and European DVD downloads. The content ranges from rare Italian nun humiliation movies to tied up mature horny Japanese housewives faking sexual assault in order to blackmail young men into becoming their sex slaves. The Japanese movies are almost completely uncensored, and you should expect to see every video with stunning extreme close up pussy shots, internal cumshots, facials, and blowjobs. Some content can push the limits farther than you might feel comfortable, so be warned. They have 4 1500kbps free samples on their first tour page, plus 2 more samples on the 2nd page of their tour, which is updated every week.

99BB Under The Hood

Video Quality

The quality of 99bb videos is most possibly the best I've seen out of all other movie sites so far, including VideoBox and Videosz. The video resolution is crystal clear at 740x570 and the frame rate is smooth as silk at 1500kb/s. If you're a collector of DVD rips and have a dozen blank DVDs at your disposal to burn, 99BB is right up your alley. There are a stack of older movie content in lower quality Real Media formats, but rest assured there are literally gigabytes of new DVD quality content so you won't ever find yourself running out of hi-rez movies to download and watch.. See a quick comparison between 99BB and VideoBox video resolutions.


You’ll find an assortment of niches here, including normal, Western (European and American movies) 99BB Exclusive, AV Idol, Lesbian, Gang Bang, Gay, Shemale, Anal, Outdoor, Fetish, School Girls, Mature, Costume Play, SM, Extreme, Bizarre, Amateur, Molester, Pick-ups, Voyeur, and a sizable collection of Hentai anime movies, some of which comes with subtitles and a few dubbed in English. Their popular AV stars include Aika Miura, Ai Nagase, Saori Kyouno, Mariko Kawana, Anna Miyashita, Hiyori Shiraishi, Nao Oikawa, and Maria Hirai, to name just a few. Click here to see a list of Japanese AV Idols featured in 99BB's Japanese DVD collection. Be warned that if you don't understand Japanese, Italian, French or anything other than English, then you'll have to make do without knowing the plot. You can also browse 99BB's movie selection to see exactly what titles they have in the members area.

Haruna Harada in Woman's Body Auction Part 2DRM Protection Removal and Reduced Price

99BB recently started removing DRM protection from their movies, and also dropped their price from$35 a month to 19.99 EU (or about $25 USD) per month. As they continue to remove the DRMs from their movies daily, they warned that DRM protection will remain on a few of their movies. When you browse the site, you can clearly see which movies still have DRM protection enabled by looking for videos without the "DRM" logo underneath the thumbnail image.


99BB now adds 4 new movies every day to their members area. Considering each video is between 300mb to 900mb, and their archive of nearly 6000 movies, don't expect to be able to download everything in a few days, unless you have a huge hard drive or plan to burn a ton of DVDs.

Uncensored Japanese DVDS

Also, if you’re used to seeing censored Japanese adult videos, you’ll be pleased with the virtually uncensored collection of videos. It was actually my first time seeing uncensored videos of Japanese girls’ lips sucking cocks and their pussies spread open in plain view. There are one or two slightly censored videos, but all of the videos I downloaded are completely uncensored.

They have plenty of high-quality downloadable sample movies available in their tour (I counted about 6 video samples, 2 of which are updated weekly), so if you want to know more about the site or take a peek at what kind of videos you’ll be getting access to, check out 99bb’s free tour.


They say content is king, and 99BB has that department nailed. Still, there are few minor blemishes that might stick out at you. First, it would have been nice to be able to view high bitrate videos via progressive download to cut down on the waiting. It takes about an hour to download a 900mb file on my DSL connection. To be fair, the 300kbps streaming video option is a nice way to preview a movie before deciding to spend the time downloading that huge file. Secondly, The site's navigation is a bit confusing. The site is divided into PPV, monthly service, and DVD store, which can be a little convoluted for people who are used to pay sites with just a members area. Finally, you have to browse DVDs without the aid of DVD cover thumbnails. The movies are displayed in an thumbnail index using headshots of models or a generic looking screen captures,, so it sometimes isn't too easy to figure out what movie to watch.


If you're looking for the highest quality adult video download site specializing in Japanese and European DVDs with categories ranging from fucked nuns, Japanese BDSM, unfaithful mature housewives, AV Idols, perverted hentai anime, to Italian porn, then 99BB is undisputably the best site around. At around $25 bucks a month (19.95 EU), with 5,862 movies to download or watch instantly via stream, and 4 new full-scene videos added every single day, saying the site is a bargin is an understatement. However, you will have to spend a few extra bucks to buy stacks of DVD blanks to download it all!

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Final Score: 90.9


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